Toring Turbine Aerator TT200® is able to outperform competing aerators having up to seven times more kW.

Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

We can achieve transfer up to 4.7 kilograms of dissolved oxygen per kilowatt hour.

Power Consumption Efficiency

Our aerator in some cases led to a reduction in power consumption by almost 60%.

Quality Control

Company runs a quality control program so that we deliver trouble-free system.

Odor Control

Our aerator can raise the level of dissolved oxygen enough to reduce or eliminate odors without further action.

Operating Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of our aerator is that low to no maintenance is ever required.

Built to Last

Because of sophisticated design our aerator last longer than any other in its class in the market today.

TT200® CORE: Simulation of WWT Plant Aeration Process

As part of the TT200® CORE project, which represents the automation of the Toring Turbine aeration system, a simulation of the aeration process in a WWT plan was performed. The amount of oxygen was set to 4 mg / L with a hysteresis of 0.5 mg / L. The experiment that...

Coming soon: New Toring Turbine Website

In 2018, Toring Turbine decided to create a new website. The site, which is still under construction, will provide a transparent way of obtaining information about Toring Turbine product portfolio, and it will also include a product configurator for various...

TT200® CORE: System Installation

In cooperation with two other companies, Robotina and Endress+Hauser, the TT200® CORE system was assembled and installed in the Toring Turbine testing laboratory at the end of March. The system is a sophisticated assembly of products, which enables automated control...

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