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1. What is ToringTurbine®?

The Toring Turbine® is the Slovenian company that developed and perfected aeration device, in a class known as self-aspirating aerators. These types of aerators create a subsurface low-pressure zone that allows atmospheric pressure to force air through an air tube into the surrounding water.

2. Which are the main parts of Toring Turbine® TT200 aerator system?

The Toring Turbine® TT200 aerator system is set of three main parts:

1) A surface mounted electric motor;
2) A vented air shaft that reaches below the surface of the water; and
3) A circular turbine which is connected to the air shaft and which spins beneath the surface of the water.

3. How does the self-aspirating water aerator Toring Turbine® work?

The aerator uses the pressure that is generated in the turbine by the electric motor spins in its advantage. As a result of the work done by the motor, the air is sucked in the turbine shaft and dispersed in the surrounding water in form of fine bubbles by the turbine.

4. Does the turbine require single phase or three-phase electrical power?

One of the advantage of Toring Turbine® TT200 aeration system is that it can work on both. For more on recommended motors go to “Product & Services”.

5. What material we use for assemblies of Toring Turbine® aerator?

The turbine part is made from a durable plastic material; air shaft are made from stainless steel and other parts are made of aluminium or brass material.

6. What is the power consumption efficiency?

Toring Turbine® TT200 aeration system has often been selected by potential clients mainly on its ability to aerate a lagoon at a fraction of the monthly electrical cost of competing systems. In at least three client case the Toring Turbine® aerator increased dissolved oxygen levels while reducing electrical costs over 50%.

7. Does the Toring Turbine® aerator help to prevent bad odors in water?

The use of the Toring Turbine® aeration system results in improved water quality, therefore causes reduction of the unpleasant odors.

8. Does the Toring Turbine® aerator help to prevent propagation of larvae in the water?

The use of the Toring Turbine® aeration system results in improved water quality, therefore prevents the propagation of larvae in the water.

9. Can we use the Toring Turbine® in Aquaculture?

By introducing the Toring Turbine® aeration system in fisheries you can achieve a significant increase of the concentrations of dissolved oxygen.

10. Where can I see all Toring Turbine® products & services?

On our web page you can find all about our Products & Services, also you can contact our sales department for more information.

11. How does the Toring Turbine® compare to other aerators?

There are many aerators on the market that work on different principles. Some of them push water into air, some of them use a jet of compressed air, some also use a turbine, but none of them are able to achieve the performance of the Toring Turbine® TT200 aerator.

12. What is the return policy?

We consider complaints that were filed within 7 days from the receipt of the consignment with a fulfilled Complaint Record.

13. What are the payment methods?

After the client receives our Proforma Invoice we usually demand the method of payment on our bank account. On a client’s request we offer the possibility of paying via PayPal. In both cases the transaction must be executed before the dispatch of products. Also there is a possibility of Letter of Credit, for more information contact Toring Turbine® sales department.

14. What are the Warranty Terms and Conditions?

Every client can receive the warranty documents by contacting Toring Turbine® sales department.

15. How do Toring Turbine® perform quality control?

Company runs a quality control program so that we deliver trouble-free system.

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