– Our Technology –

The Toring Turbine TT200® is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly device that operates on the basis of unique technology. It differs from competitive products in the way air is transferred to water, using natural laws of physics to its advantage.

The key element is the TT200® turbine rotor, which uses the twin physics principles of precession (as applied to rotating fluids) and centrifugal force. Precession creates the low pressure zone which draws in the surface air. Once inside the turbine chamber, this air is discharged rapidly through the power of centrifugal force.

There are two important factors that further distinguish TT200® turbine. First, the centrifugal force slings the air outward at a high speed in a lateral direction. Second, tests in a clear water tank have shown that the dissolved oxygen is also pushed downward up to 4 meters below the surface.

These forces create a mixing and sheering action which produce and disperse micro bubbles. The device does not need an additional supply of air under pressure, which is the reason for a smaller number of elements, easier maintenance and significant energy savings.


– Awards and Recognition –

– Intellectual Property –

For innovative and high technology company like Toring Turbine, our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets we have. Our inventions and ideas are the result of many years of innovation, research and hard work made possible through significant financial investment.

The lengths we go to protect our intellectual property guarantees that we will be able to deliver exciting new products with a unique combination between sophisticated design and outstanding performance for years to come.

Our patents protect every phase of our technology, including methods, processes, the systems we use, and the activities we commence to produce products.

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