This week, Toring Turbine is celebrating its 10th anniversary. First of all, I would like to thank our clients, distributors, associates and employees for their contributions to our continued success.

Over these past 10 years we have helped our clients meet many challenges and our global footprint has grown considerably. I still remember our humble beginnings together with my brother Sergej back in my father’s garage when we worked on developing and improving turbine and now our products are present in more than 73 countries as a part of the 296 worldwide projects. Our main idea, as a sustainable company, is that we don’t just sell products but we provide solutions. As such we are committed to provide our customers with the most reliable, long-term energy efficient solution available.

The world has changed in many ways in the past 10 years. As from the start we had a clear and exciting vision for the future. A vision that has driven us from the moment the original idea of turbine aerator has come from the brilliant mind of my father, innovator and visionary Alfred Zajič. He turned his dream for a cleaner environment into reality by creating one of the most efficient water aerators up to this day. Now, 10 years later as I try to fill the void that he left, walk in his shoes and following his ideas, I believe that he is more than proud of all the successes of our company.

Our future is about following that path and creating the kind of excellence that comes from a unique combination between sophisticated design and outstanding performance. In order to achieve these results we push the limits, exceed the expectations, and with each new product we expand boundaries of possibility.

As we in Toring Turbine likes to say: The future awaits, with new products, new projects and no limits.

Stay safe and healthy.

Tina Zajič,

CEO Toring Turbine