Five years ago Toring Turbine made first steps. And like every first steps it wasn’t easy but as the years go by our business has been established as a significant factor in the field of water aeration.

This past five years has been amazing and successful in many ways. It was a journey started in one brilliant mind of Alfred Zajic, and today thanks to him products of Toring Turbine are present in almost every corner of the World.

After Alfred left our world too soon, his daughter Tina took the business and gave promise that the ideas and inventions of her father will continue to live. Like every family business the strong connection inside the family make even stronger company, and without unconditional support of the closest ones Toring Turbine would never be where it is today.

Today Toring Turbine employs five people in our headquarters. Tina, Sergej, Xenia, Peter and Damir make a great and productive team, and excellent base for business expansion in the nearest future.

five years

All of us at Toring Turbine want to thank our distributors and customers for their loyalty and support during our first five years in business. As we grow our products grow with us, and that wouldn’t be possible without partnership with our precious distributors all around the world.

Together we make a difference.

Toring Turbine