The Toring Turbine aerator test results from the Rižana fishfarm using a new floater FAPE-TT200 indicate that, with the regular use, it can drastically maximize water clarity and also shows great clearness of the fishfarm water itself.

The FAPE-TT200 floater showed excellent results during the technical inspection. During three-months 24-hour testing, there weren’t any changes in the functionality or in floater material whatsoever. FAPE-TT200 successfully passed all technical demands in relatively poor conditions as heat, temperature changes, strong sunlight, UV rays and air pressure change.

Toring Turbine had a prior agreement with the owner of the fish farm Rižana that the test-site was and it still is available for visits for any interested parties. The results are very satisfactory, which is proven by constant demand from the various fish farm owners who had visited test-site.