After many years of experience in working with floater applications, we have reached the stage of development of a closed catamaran system for FAPE and the integration of threaded vent, as well as the development of lower distancers and spacers with slide bearings.

The closed catamaran will perform its role even better. What is even more important is that the lifespan of the catamaran itself will be significantly extended. Product development was based on experience on the most complex projects, so the modernization was the result of field research, as well as in our test laboratory, including the test pool.

The lower distancers were also the result of long-term research for the least complex, and at the same time the highest quality solution, which would relieve certain points of the product itself. The material of the product is stainless steel – 316L because it has proven to be the most suitable solution for wastewater, as well as other industrial systems.

The FAPE platform is the connecting element between the two catamarans and the main load carrier. A motor mounted on a platform has always been a challenge and a solution has also been sought that would reduce possible vibrations in certain applications and at the same time improve the load capacity of the system itself. Spacer sleeves have proven to be an exceptional solution and in combination with the lower flange represent a long-lasting solution for all complex systems and applications.