India is one of the biggest countries with completely different environment. As the research shows the air is much polluted and drinking water supply is at a very low level. Also the state of waste water industry is only at the beginning.

More and more people are aware that India needs modern waste water technologies in order to improve the current situation and make a difference for the next generations. One such is our courageous client, Indranil Sarker, a representative of BS Minerals & Industries who, after talking to our engineer Damir Vraneš, enthusiastically decided to test our TT200®.

Indranil installed our TT200® FAPE system in his test pool and recruited 6 women to monitor aerator’s performance. They are pleased with the measurements and the results. In the next few months we will deepen our cooperation with BS Minerals & Industries as two of their leaders’ will visit our headquarters.

There is a lot of demanding work ahead of us because India is a very authentic country with the specific market needs.