The focus of VODA AQUA Ljubljana Fair 2019 lays on water, sewage, waste management and recycling. The event connect companies and individuals involved in the use and processing of drinking and industrial water and wastewater, as well as companies related to waste management and recycling. VODA AQUA bring together manufacturers, official importers and distributors of machinery, equipment, devices, instruments and chemicals used in above mentioned sectors; water and waste management companies; utility companies; research & development companies; educational institutions; local governments; ministries, etc. The environmental protection is growing in importance. VODA AQUA is a B2B event where exhibitors show their sustainable products and services, hence their contribution to the preservation of the environment for the future generations.

This year Toring Turbine representative visited several of our local and regional partners. He was also informed about the growing trends in the field of wastewater as well as with the structural projects in which our company would take active part.